Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 October Japan Trip II

Thanks to the Lord God for providing Dan-san/Hiroko and Lisa the Business Class of the American Airline airplane.
The AA stewardess welcome them with a cup of Champaign.  Lisa and Hiroko loved it.
Dan-san, Lisa and Hiroko enjoyed what they had.  It was very comfortable 12 hours plane ride they ever had.
These were the meals they were served.
Appetizers with real silverware and cloth napkin.
Dan-san and Lisa had beef steak and Hiroko had Yaki-soba with shrimps

They had arrived in Japan on time, and transferred to Shinkansen going to Hiroko’s brother, Yoshiteru’s place called Yamagata.  They spent the first night at his house with drinking, drinking.  Hiroko was so happy to see her sister-in-law Ikue,  was doing much better than before.

2nd day, they visited Hiroko’s sister’s place, Yoshida family.  This is the family of Kibochan and Nozomichan, hopefully you remember them.  Dan-san/Hiroko and Lisa paid respect to Hiroko’s sister’s gravesite, who passed away last June.
This is Yoshida family, the head of the house, Nozomi-chan, Kibo-chan, and the lady of the house, Nadeshiko-san.
There is no words to express for this photo.  Please imagine!
There were so many foods, that they ate and ate all evening.
The Nadeshiko-san’s Imonikai soup was the best.
Kibochan with her Birthday Cake  Everyone sung Happy Birthday song to Kibochan accompanied with Nozomichan ‘s organ.
Nozomichan and Lisa

The 3rd day, Lisa wanted to clean and arranging Ikue’s clothes, so they worked hard to do so.
The 4th day, Yoshiteru took everyone to Onsen and shopping. 

The 5th day, they moved to Hiroshima, where Dan-san’s relatives are living.  The day they arrived Hiroshima is the day before Typhoon landed in Tokyo area. 
They visited the Peace Park under the rain.
This is the place A-bomb was dropped.

This is the inside of the museum at the Peace Park.
Lisa felt she wouldn’t like to visit this museum, because she would know to see some horrible pictures and things.  Her 3rd years old memory came back to her.  She was hesitant to go in.  She said she actually remembered some of the things.

This is the hotel they stayed at Hiroshima.
The front of the hotel
View from the room
 Yoshiteru’s first son, Masaki told us to eat Okonomiyaki at Hiroshima.  So they were eating Okonomiyaki at Hiroshima famouse shopping mart.  It was very tasty and different than Tokyo’s Okonomiyaki.
After the dinner Lisa and Hiroko went to have drinks by the hotel with Kaki (oyster is famouse in Hiroshima)
Iinteresting breakfast are served at this room in the hotel.  There are rice and miso-soup.

The 6th Day (2nd day at Hiroshima) they visited the house of Dan-san’s cousin, Mukai-san
They paid respect to the gravesite of Dan-san’s Aunty..
Lisa, Dan-san, the Lady of the House, Mukai, and the head of the house Toshiro Mukaik
The Lady of the house served them this big, big Obento and a cup of home made soup with home grown squash.
This is the home of Dan-san’s uncle, Yoshinori Ueki.  Hiroko was so happy to see him and his wife.
For the dinner they ate Shabu-Shabu
Lisa took nice photo of the big slice of Kobe beef at the Shabu-Shabu restaurant.

7th day, they moved to Tokyo.
This is Shinkansen.  They always used like this Shinkansen to whereever they moved.
This is thehotel of Tokyo.  It is business hotel, yet Onsen in the Hotel.  Lisa enjoyed last Onsen here.
Inside room and the view from the room
Dan-san didn’t to go out for shopping, and even for the dinner.  Instead he wanted to eat McDonald’s hamburger.  Where could Hiroko buy the McDonald hamburger?  Dan-san said that across the street from this hotel there are McDonald, so Hiroko bought the hamburger for his dinner on the way coming back to hotel.
Well, Lisa and Hiroko went out for shopping in Tokyo Ginza area. Lisa was very happy to find the manicure set for Aunty Ikue.  Now, they went to one of the famouse Japanese Department Store called Matsuzaka-ya basement to find for their dinner.  There are so many ready made foods.  So they bought couple of sushi and other dishes for their dinner. 
After dinner ate at the room, Lisa and Hiroko went out for drinks at the bar in this hotel
The next morning, the bar changed to breakfast eating place.  It was very good breakfast.
Lisa have to leave Japan for Chicago this day, so Dan-san/Hiroko send off Lisa at Narita. 
Dan-san/Hiroko have to go back to Yamagata, so they left Narita for Yamagata by Shinkansen around 2 o’clock. 
Lisa had to stay in Narita for 4 hours.  She said she used massage machine for hours.
Now, Dan-san/Hiroko have to travel around to see Hiroko’s relatives in Hokkaido, friend in Osaka and in Tokyo.  Please patiently read this Hiroko’s Japan trip experience. 

Dan-san/Hiroko couldn’t reserve the sleeping car, so they had to travel with local super express trains.
During the trip  Hiroko saw the station name “Aiko” one of her friend’s name.   It is fun to show her the name of the train station.
One scarey thing happened.  Because of the local train they used, they had to change four trains to go to Sapporo.  The first train changing time, Hiroko lost Dan-san.  He wasn’t to follow Hiroko. He wasn’t there.  Hiroko was very much scared and shouted his name.  Hiroko didn’t know what to do.  A conductor asked Hiroko that is he a child?  Hiroko answered no he is Sr. Citizen, but he doesn't understand Japanese and can’t see well, and can’t hear well.  Hiroko was shouting his name on the platform up and down several times.  Finally Dan-san showed up from stairway.  Hiroko shouted to him that why did you go down?  I told you our next train was on the same platform.  It was very, very scarely.  He can’t see too well, either.

Well, they safely arrived to Saporo hotel.
View from room in the Hotel,
and the breakfast room at the hotel.

The family of Hiroko’s cousin’s son, Dentist came to pick them up for Sapporo sightseeing, Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill.
Kenchan, Junchan, wife of Dentist, and Dan-san with the statue of Dr. Clark, his famouse saying “Boy’s be ambitious!.”
Some sightseeing people took this photo for us.  It is said “I Like You!”
After that all of them went to see Sapporo Dome.  It was a very windy day, and they couldn’t find the entrance of the dome, so they ended up running around the dome.  It was very good excersise.  Finally, Ken-chan found the entrance of the dome.  This dome was built at the last Olynpic and since then it was used for many sports events and music fesitables, etc.  It was very interesting to see, and the view of Sapporo.
Everybody visited Dr. Dentist’s office and with him everyone went to eat Sapporo Ramen for lunch.  Tonkotsu Ramen is famouse in Kyushu, but this ramen is famouse in Sapporo.  It was very good Ramen.

After the Ramen, Dentist took everyone to Otaru sightseeing place.
This is Dentist, Tomihiro Takada.
The interesting ad board saying “Otosan Azukarimau, Will set Father” was hanging in front of some house.  While wife and children are shopping they keep Husband/Father.  They had seen many interesting things and shopping.  Hiroko bought a very fine work of glass earring for a present. 

Dentist provided the place to stay at the Onsen Hotel for Dan-san/Hiroko.
This is the Hotel’s entrance and the name’s hotel on the top of the entrance.
This is the view from the entrance.  The autum changing color view was very beautiful.
Inside the room.  There are Japanese Tatami room, dinning room, American style sofa room
This is bed room
What is this behind these doors?  
One is bathroom and one is dressing room.  Beyond the dressing room, …
There is private bath room and steam room.  Dan-san/Hiroko enjoyed this room.  Thanks to Dentist family.
Dan-san/Hiroko had dinner at this hotel.
Hiroko saw couple of different color coat people were wearing.  Because of this color of coat, service was different.  The coat Dan-san/Hiroko wearing was special and a boy-san was standing by us to serve.
View from the room.
View from the public bathroom.  It was very beautiful.  Chicago’s change color view was beautiful but there is no mountain.  So it was altogether different view.  Many people came to see this view.  The hotel was packed.

The next day was Sunday, so Dan-san/Hiroko asked Jenny who was in Chicago several years ago, and now she is living in Sapporo, to take them to her church.  Jenny was willingly to pick Dan-san/Hiroko up to take to her church.
This is Jenny-san.
Before going to her church, she also took Dan-san/Hiroko for sightseeing to Toyohirakyo.  Again, there was very, very beautiful autum view.
Thanks to Jenny, Dan-san/Hiroko could give worship to the Lord God, Jesus Christ at her church.  Regret!  Hiroko forgot to take any photo of the church.
Dentist family came to the church to pick Dan-san/Hiroko for dinner and took everybody including Jenny-san to the sea food restaurant.
Jenny, Dentist and Dentist's Wife
Dentist Wife, Mikichan who came to Chicago to stay at the home Dan-san/Hiroko couple of years ago.
So many sea food dishes were served.  Hiroko couldn’t take any photo.  There was so many different kind of sea food dishes.
Kenchan and Junchan - Hiroko was very happy to see Jenny was with these boys.

After the Sapporo, Dan-san/Hiroko visited Obihiro to see Hiroko’s cousins.  First of all, this is the memorial year for the head of Ishimaru family, Hiroko’s mother’s birth home, so Dan-san/Hiroko attended the Buddhist ceremony at the house of Ishimaru. 
This is Ishimaru’s Buddhist altar. 
Ishimaru’s ancestor’s Japanese Military Armor and spears
The Head of Ishimaru passed away three years ago.  So three years ceremony was held.
The flower arrangement by the wife, Reiko, of the head of Ishimaru was welcome to everyone

 All cousins invited Dan-san/Hiroko to Tokachi Onsen Hotel - This is the dinning hall
Hiroko’s mother’s nephew (Hiroko's cousin) and wife - They arranged for this meeting.  Thanks!
Dan-san and nephew (Hiroko's cousin)
The head of Ishimaru's wife, Reiko
Hiroko’s mother’s nieces (Hiroko's cousin)
View from hotel

The next day of the Onsen, Dan-san/Hiroko visited again the home of Ishimaru.
Everybody is around 80 years old.

Now, Dan-san/Hiroko was in Osaka to meet Osaka Kumiko, who was in Chicago several years ago.  The typhoon was moved away to Pacific Ocean, so there were no cancelation of airplane.  Dan-san/Hiroko went to Osaka by Japan Airline.
For the lunch, Hiroko requested to eat Takoyaki which suggested by the nephew Masaki
It was very interesting way to make and was very good.
Osaka Kumiko reserved this hotel room for Dan-san/Hiroko.
Osaka Castle sighseeing  This is the entrance of Osaka Castle.  It must be long, long walking to reach the castle.
At the front of castle
At the top of the casstle to view Osaka city and Golden Shachihoko (fabulous dolphin like fish)  This is the symbol of the power and pride of the owner of this castle.
Osaka Kumiko with Kin-no-Shachihoko
Dan-san/Hiroko with Golden Shachihoko
This is the picture of famous war at this castle
Young people demonstrate to use Samurai swords.

After Osaka Castle, Osaka kumiko-san invited Dan-san/Hiroko to her brother’s restaurant for dinner.
“Kazu” is the name of the restaurant.
Dan-san, owner of the restaurant and Osaka Kumiko
This is inside the restaurant
Osaka Kumiko was helping her brother.
Owner gave is expensive and important seasoning seed to Hiroko.  Can she plant this next spring?

Next day
Osaka Kumiko-san take Dan-san/Hiroko to Boat sightseeing.  
This boat runs on the ground and in the water.
Many beautiful and historical buildings were passed

This boat has very interesting roof.  This roof came down, when it is passing through the low bridge.  Please compare these two photos.  Can you see the round thing in the top photo holding up the roof came flat in bottom photo?
Finished the boat sightseeing
Now walking around shopping center, called Tenjinkyo 1, 2, 3, 4 …
After that, Dan-san/Hiroko had to move to Tokyo, so Osaka Kumiko took Dan-san/Hiroko to Osaka Shinkansen Station.  For the lunch, again nephew Masaki’s suggestion, Osaka Udon has to eat.  Many famouse Osaka restaurants in the Osaka Station, so one Udon dish Dan-san/Hiroko ate for lunch.
Thanks Osaka Kumiko-san, you have done so much for Dan-san/Hiroko for Hotel, lunches, dinner, Osaka sight-seeing, Osaka Castle, boat ride, Thanks again!

To be continued Dan-san/Hiroko’s Japan Trip.  This is only half way.